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AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE’S top priority is customer satisfaction.  

An AMREL representative can be reached 8am-5pm M-F (pacific time) at 1 (800) 654-9838 (US only) and (626) 443-6818 (Int'l). Whether you’re a customer with a special application requirement or you need technical assistance with an existing product, you’ll know there’s something special about AMREL, the moment a LIVE PERSON ANSWERS THE PHONE

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Personalized Service

Whether it’s providing a standard power product or developing a customized/modified product, AMREL’s skilled and dedicated team works hand in hand with their customers in meeting their application requirements.  

No need to worry about getting lost in the shuffle, with representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada, a single, highly trained salesperson will strategize with you every step of the way. That’s why AMREL has become the leader in providing custom solutions to ATE and Military markets.


Customer Relationship Management Program

AMREL's CRM program includes:
• Customer Profile - to better serve their customers, from the initial sales contact stage to the product service and support stage –
AMREL’s customer’s profile/activity is accessible through a corporate-wide shared information system.
• Quality Control Monitoring - phone and online surveys are conducted to insure the highest level of quality service is being met.
• Information forums for sales/service, marketing, and engineering are conducted on a regular basis to share product and market updates -
this insures that AMREL is addressing their customer’s needs in regards to product development and customer service.


Live Technical Support

As a pledge to their customers, all phone lines at AMREL are answered by a LIVE AMREL representative – not an automated service (Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm PST). Customers can rest assured that their questions or concerns will be handled personally and promptly.

An AMREL sales representative will serve as the initial contact for technical support needs. In the event that an in-depth answer to a technical question is required, the AMREL representative will place the customer in contact with the technical support expert best suited to address the customer's specific dc power supply or electronic load inquiry.

Still need more help? Can’t find the answer to your question? Call AMREL at 1-800-654-9838 to speak with a LIVE AMREL representative.

eLoad dc Electronic Loads
PLA Series of Air-cooled Programmable dc Electronic Loads
600w to 250kW
PLW Water-cooled Programmable dc Electronic Loads
3kW to 250kW+
Programmable dc 
Electronic Loads System Solutions
BPL Bench-top Programmable dc 
Electronic Loads
FEL/PEL Low-voltage Programmable dc Electronic Loads
60W to 300W
FEL/PEL Low-voltage Programmable dc Electronic Loads
60W to 600W
ZVL Zero-volt Programmable dc Electronic Loads
60W to 300W
ZVL Zero-volt Programmable dc Electronic Loads
ZVL Zero-volt Programmable dc Electronic Loads
200W to 1.5kW
ePower dc Power Supplies
SPD Dual-channel Programmable dc Switch Mode Power Supplies
300W to 360W

SPS Programmable dc Switch Mode Power Supplies

30kW to 900kW+
FRA Frequency Response Analyzer
100W to 200W
FRA Frequency Response Analyzer
15W to 2kW
MC-1 RS-485 Multi-channel Controller  
      MCU Ethernet Multi-channel Controller
up to 200W per Channel

E-mail an AMREL Representative at  or complete AMREL's request information form.
Call toll free (800) 733-5427 U.S only or (858) 458-0223 Intl. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (PST) to speak with an AMREL representative
Visit AMREL’s ePower FAQs or eLoad FAQs for commonly asked product questions.
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