PLA Product

Exceptional Features and Benefits include:

Broadest Model Selection: 800W, 1.5kW, 2kW, 2.5kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 7.5kW, 10kW, 15kW,
20kW Models and Higher-power PLA Systems Over 100kW
Exclusive High Voltage Models: Standard 60V, 120V, 400V & 600V Voltage Ratings and
widest selection of exclusive 800Vdc and 1200Vdc PLA Models
Save Rack Space: PLA Models Offer Ultra-compact air-cooled Footprint and are “Zero” Stackable
Maximize ROI: In-rack Closed-case Calibration Without an “Outside” Calibration Lab
Ultra-low Compliance Voltage: Ultra-low Voltage Operation @ 1000s of Amps
Reliable: Individual FET Protection to Isolate Power Stage Failures
Maximized Uptime: Redundant Over-temperature and Over- power Protection
Fast Response: 50μs Independently Programmable Rise/Fall Time
Ultra-quiet Operation: Fan Speed Control for Reduced Acoustic Noise Under Light Load Conditions.
Flexible Test Platform: Five Modes of Operation: CC, CR, CV, CP and Pulse Load Shaping
Intuitive Front Panel Control: User-friendly Function Hot Keys, Full Keypad & Digital Encoder
Integrated DMM: 14-bit Five digit Voltage and Current Measurement Display
Two Loads in One: Ultra-low Current Range Option for Optimized Accuracy
More Ranges: Three Full Scale Ranges (100%, 50% & 10%)
More Protections: Anti-oscillation & Programmable Protections: OV, UV, OC, UC, OP, & UP
More Interfaces: Co-resident GPIB/RS-232 and Optional Field-upgradeable Ethernet/USB
ATE Ready: Standard LabWindows and LabVIEW Drivers and SCPI Command Set
Bench-top Test Automation Ready: Four Profiles; 32 Step Points per Profile
Fuel Cell Application Ready:
• Impedance Measurement via Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA)
• Current Interruption Mode for Fuel Cell Testing
• Ultra-low Compliance (0.1Vdc) Voltage to Operate at High-current
• Virtual Panel provides Polarization Curve Sweep and Voltage/Current Cycling Capability
0 ~ 10Vdc PLC or DAQ Control Ready:
• External Analog Programming
• External On/Off Control
• External Mode Selection
• Front Panel Key Lockout Prevents Unwanted Key Entry
More System Integration Features & Options:
• Standard Remote Inhibit (RI) for Interlock Capability
• Standard Dry Contact Fault for Redundant System Protection
• Isolated Analog Control/Monitor Option
• External dc Contactor Option
• Reverse Polarity/Isolation Relay Option
Battery Testing: “C” Operand for Battery Testing.
Ideal for Unique Test Applications: Custom-tailored Ratings & Features Available

Market’s Widest Selection of Programmable Electronic Loads
The PLA programmable electronic load is available in a wide selection of voltage and current ratings.  The voltage ratings can be as high as 1000V and as low as 60V, which operate at full current at .6V.  The current dissipation of these units can be as high as 1500Amps standard, but will reach much higher levels when units are paralleled.  These programmable loads are available in the following wattage ratings:  800W, 1.5kW, 2kW, 2.5kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, and 7.5kW.  Higher wattage systems of 100kW+ are available upon request.

Ultra-low Voltage Operation
The PLA design allows the programmable electronic load to operate at voltage levels approaching .1V.  They will typically dissipate full rated current below 1% of their maximum rated voltage.  For example, a 60V unit designed to dissipate1500A will allow the user to operate at .6V and still dissipate the full amount.

Closed-case Calibration
With the eLoad line, there’s no longer a need to send your electronic load back to the factory for calibration or remove dozens of screws to reach a potentiometer.  Simply follow the AMREL calibration routine from the front panel and you should be back up and running in a very short period of time (some electronic test equipment needed).  This will virtually eliminate downtime and eradicate the annual cost associated with shipping your eLoad back to the factory for calibration.

Individual FET Protection
To ensure the reliability of the LPL Series, AMREL’s design includes individual FET protection.  A programmable electronic load may contain many FETs in parallel, which can create a cascading failure if one of them was to short out.  AMREL’s eLoad programmable electronic load design isolates failures so other components will not be affected or stressed, increasing the system’s level of protection against catastrophic failure. With individual FET protection, the MTTR is reduced and the electronic load quickly returns to full operation.

User Friendly Controls
The PLA’s new front panel design makes electronic test equipment easy to use and understand.  The knobs and buttons are organized in a manner that gets the customer up and running in minutes.  Most commonly performed operations can be accomplished in a few keystrokes.

RS-232 and GPIB IEEE-488 Standard
All PLA series air-cooled loads series air-cooled loads come with both RS-232 and GPIB IEEE-488 as standard features.  Both connectors are provided on the rear of the unit. Instructions for configuring are in the manual.

Ethernet and USB (optional)
The PLA programmable electronic load is also available with optional Ethernet and USB interfaces. This option is field upgradeable by the end user with minimal effort.

Oscillation Protection
The PLA series provides three levels of oscillation protection and can compensate for extended wire lengths.  AMREL suggests a minimal amount of cabling and other in-line components that introduce inductance. However, the oscillation protection can be set to slow down the load and improve performance.  This will save the electronic load from failing due to very fast spikes in voltage and current caused by inductance in the input wiring.

AMREL’s outstanding engineering team can provide customizations and modifications to any of the PLA series units. AMREL’s customizations  can range from a simple modification, such as a different front panel color, to a complete custom electro-mechanical design

Click here to request a customized PLA air-cooled programmable electronic load.



eLoad dc Electronic Loads
PLA Series of Air-cooled Programmable dc Electronic Loads
600w to 250kW
PLW Water-cooled Programmable dc Electronic Loads
3kW to 250kW+
Programmable dc 
Electronic Loads System Solutions
BPL Bench-top Programmable dc 
Electronic Loads
FEL/PEL Low-voltage Programmable dc Electronic Loads
60W to 300W
FEL/PEL Low-voltage Programmable dc Electronic Loads
60W to 600W
ZVL Zero-volt Programmable dc Electronic Loads
60W to 300W
ZVL Zero-volt Programmable dc Electronic Loads
ZVL Zero-volt Programmable dc Electronic Loads
200W to 1.5kW
ePower dc Power Supplies
SPD Dual-channel Programmable dc Switch Mode Power Supplies
300W to 360W

SPS Programmable dc Switch Mode Power Supplies

30kW to 900kW+
FRA Frequency Response Analyzer
100W to 200W
FRA Frequency Response Analyzer
15W to 2kW
MC-1 RS-485 Multi-channel Controller  
      MCU Ethernet Multi-channel Controller
up to 200W per Channel

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